Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Window View

 On Wednesday's I want to post pictures of my life here in Paraguay, things I find interesting or think you may find interesting. It just so happens that Monday night we had a huge storm come through that made a lot of damage  to our yard.

It was the middle of the night and I heard a loud 'CRACK' as a tree crashed outside of my bedroom window. I woke up and thought, "Oh! It's just another gunshot." and rolled over to go back to sleep. Then my husband discovered the tree had nearly hit our water tank  and barely missed our house. That's when I got nervous, THAT freaked me out! We could have been hit by a tree!


  1. Gun shot! that's funny that you rolled back over. So glad that it didn't take out the water tank. We are just beginning our "storms" also. I am glad the "fire" season is gone.

  2. Hilarious in one way....and sad in another. Such is life in CDE! :)