Thursday, October 25, 2012

The EVIL treadmill

 I am writing this while walking on my treadmill. I can not  go very fast, only about 3 kilometers per hour. I do try and walk an hour each day  that I do not have hydrotherapy. On good days I walk another half hour in the afternoons. Last week I actually managed 5 kilometers! I find I have more confidence on the treadmill than I do walking about outside. There are a few different reasons for this:

  •  Because of a drop foot and numbness in my left ankle and foot, I tend to stumble and fall on uneven ground. The treadmill feels more stable and allows me to move faster with less fear of falling.
  •   I don't live in a safe neighborhood. I could easily be mugged or worse if I regularly walked around outside of our walls. It is especially important to not do the same thing at the same time in any noticeable pattern around here as it will make you an easy target.
  •  The treadmill, though not pretty, is in my bedroom where I have an A/C unit, so in the summer it is climate controlled. :)
  • Since my husband built an add on desk top, I can use my laptop while walking and this distracts me from  the actual pain I feel while walking.

  So, what do you do for exercise?


  1. I was exercising on Your Shape 2012 on the Kinect, then I got a bone spur in my heel, so the exercise has come to a halt.

  2. I eat for exercise. ;)

    No actually, nothing beats mowing the lawn, raking leaves, or doing some housework for "productive" exercise.

  3. I hate the treadmill. It seems so much harder to walk on it, than outside. But then again I don't have your complications. So I walk outside, even in 40 C/110F heat. ONLY when there are swarms of mosquitos following me around, do I use the treadmill. :))