Friday, October 19, 2012

Facebook Friday

 I will share my life this week as posted on  my Facebook status updates.

Saturday ~ I made it! I walked 5 kilometers! Who cares that it took me 99 minutes!

Sunday~  Enjoyed singing 'There is a Fountain' tonight. It's as beautiful in Spanish as it is in English. It was so very exciting to see two baptized this evening!

Monday ~ Finished my devos, now for some coffee, then off to hydro therapy before we hit the road to go visit an orphanage in Itagua  where Jewel will be visiting for a few days.

Tuesday ~  Major storm blowing in. Expect to lose power soon and need to disconnect everything. Hope to see you all tomorrow!

Wednesday ~  I slept for two hours before the power went out (have partial power now) Then the pain from the 10 hour road trip kept my awake. Finally fell asleep for half an hour when a very loud noise
woke us up. The wind took out a large tree outside our bedroom window and we nearly lost our water tank. So.. I am thankful for two hours sleep, I am thankful for partial power and internet, and I am thankful for water! Very thankful there was no damage to the house.

Thursday ~ A good night's sleep, an hour of hydro therapy, getting ready to do a thorough cleaning of my bedroom before I head out to another session of physical therapy. Then out to do some errands, pick up Jayde from work, take her to the eye doctor and try to get in to see the neurologist too. Traveling back to Itagua tomorrow to pick up Jewel Vernoy.
Friday ~ I love road trips in Paraguay. Even traveling the same road four times in one week, you are assured to see something new and unusual. Like a sculpture of the Alien from the movies. And a knight in armor. A man driving an ox cart on the highway while texting. A well in the middle of the street! And the many things one can transport on a motorcycle! 

THERE! I bet you thought my life was much more exciting than that, didn't you? 
So tell me, what has been going on in your life this past week? 

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  1. School, watching lots of Parenthood online, naps, and dinner with friends!