Friday, October 26, 2012

Facebook Friday

My week @ Facebook 

  • Saturday~I blog because "Writing is the best way to talk without being interrupted." ~Jules Renard
  • Sunday~ Clint had allowed Janus the Great to come in and spend some time on her doggie bed. He then went up stairs to his office for awhile and Janus was left alone. We found her walking around with the top of the kitchen trash can around her neck like a collar. Guess she was checking out the garbage can for some food and got caught!!!!!
  •  Monday~I would like to ask for political asylum to the United Federation of Planets. Where is their embassy?
  • Tuesday~ First it was Big Bird and now its horses! ( Presidential debates, the things one hears!)
  • Wednesday~ I can't help myself! It's been building up for days now... It's time.... CANNIBAL JOKE!  A man thinks he is a cannibal. His wife convinces him to go to a psychiatrist.When he comes home his wife asks him, “So how was the psychiatrist?” The man smacks his lips and says,”Delicious!”
  •  Thursday~It's summer, just had to change the sheets because I left the bedroom windows open with the light on and my bed was covered with gnats! I had forgotten that in the summer, you know, when its hot, I have to close my windows to keep the bugs out. And yes, we have screens but these are tiny little 'no see ums'. Of course, in the winter, when its cold, I can leave my windows open , no problem.
  • Friday~ I wonder how many copies of "Where there is no doctor" we have worn out???
 And that was my week! Are you on Facebook? Let me know and I will friend you!

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