Monday, October 15, 2012

A blog Schedule ~ which could change on any given day

A writing schedule for the blog, this is my attempt to keep me posting regularly. I am not great with schedules or rules, or timelines, or structure in general, so maybe this is just my way of trying to gain a little discipline. Let's see if I can manage to follow the schedule!

Monday's Mayhem ~ This will be the day I ramble about anything and everything!

Tuesday's tereré time ~ An informal chat with the readers of this blog. I hope you will get involved in the conversation!

 Wednesday; A Window View~ A day for sharing photos of my life here in Paraguay.

Thursday Therapy~ On Thursday I want to share about my struggles with chronic pain, pain medications, physical therapy, diet and exercise. I will need you, dear readers, to give me feedback and keep me accountable!

Facebook Friday ~ I will share the highlights of my week via daily postings on my Facebook account.

Saturday's Sweet Memories~ I will be sharing tribal tales of our time living in the Amazon jungle with an Indian tribe.

Sunday : Spiritual reflections ~ Quotes, devotions, hymns or links of inspiration.


  1. There is little "mayhem" in a "schedule"....


  2. ...unless, of course, you don't plan on sticking to it! ;)

  3. I love the plan! This way, we get a glimpse into all of the many lives of Rita!!! :) Are you going to let us be followers this time around? Any plans for a widget/gadget? Can't wait to read the new posts coming down the pipe.....

  4. Your amazing to do this! I look forward to it. Love the clip of Jayde. She sings with joy and you can see it in her face!

  5. I look forward to sharing your Paraguay life, never mind if the schedule goes out the window every so often, as that's what life is about.

  6. JM,

    New blog looks nice. Crisp and Clean! NOW as for keeping a schedule, Hmmm, I've been following you for oh about 5 maybe 6 years. You have a very busy life and family. But, on the positive side maybe the schedule WILL keep you blogging the way you want to. I certainly am not a good example. I just posted on the Romney rally I went to on Friday night!

    Keep up the good work,

    Pops @ Conservative Outrage, the blog