Thursday, October 18, 2012


 I spent the day in the car as we drove to Itagua to pick up Jewel who had been visiting a children's home this week. (More about that later.)

I enjoyed the ride, in spite of my back pain, and am finding my TEN's to be very helpful for times when I am required to sit for long periods at a time.

Tomorrow morning I have an hour of hydro`therapy and in the afternoon an hour of physical therapy .I am praying that will help me through any inflammation to the sciatic nerve caused by the trip. I am trying very  much to not use any opioids or narcotic pain killers and have not used  hydrocodone at all since June 11. Pray for me to be able to continue on this path!

 I am on Lyrica which has its own challenges but is seeming to manage the pain for now. The biggest challenge is not to gain weight while taking it. I have lost 40 lbs since May, mostly due to the hydrotherapy and time spent on the treadmill. As I lose weight my pain levels decrease and my core muscles are getting much stronger. Even when I have a terrible, horrible, bad day, I seem to bounce back faster.

My biggest issue of late is insomnia. Please pray for me as I deal with this. I had a good night last night! WooT! 8 full hours of sleep. It was as if my life went from black and white to color, just like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz!

Here's praying for another good night sleep without pain waking me up!


  1. This is such good news! The part about you bouncing back faster is music to my ears. Keep it up! I'm rooting for you!

  2. I did sleep well! 7 hours, a few awake times but not too bad. I have some pain but it is manageable with the Lyrica.

  3. Oh friend, I had insomnia issues last month also. I used to think having insomnia would be awesome. The things I could get done while NOT sleeping! That was until I actually had insomnia and felt awful. It's a funny thing this body of ours that needs sleep in order to function.