Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What is Paraguay like?

 On Tuesday's I really hope you will interact with me through Q&A in the comments!

 So here are my questions for you today;

1) When you think of Paraguay, what do you imagine it to be like?

2) Do you know what city I live in?

3) Do you know anything of Paraguayan history or culture? If so, where did you learn about it?

4) What do you think would be the most enjoyable aspect of living in Paraguay?

5) Could you imagine yourself ever living here?


  1. 1) Like Buenos Aires or Valparaiso... very So. California - like.

    2) That tri-border area one...

    3) I only know what you've posted... although politically, it's a little more "conservative" ala "Chile".

    4) The weather and the food.

    5) Nope... my wife is a gringa, through and through.

  2. Hey Speedy G! I like all of your answers. Asuncion is pretty modern and yet still has cobble stone streets and horse carts on the main road. You get an A+ for knowing where I live! And yes, it is more conservative for a Latin country these days FOR SURE! Love your answer to #5! :)