Friday, August 23, 2013

Meet the Family!

 I am so proud of my family! They are just awesome people! Let me introduce them to you!

You may see them as Captain America and Wonder Woman, but this is really my  son in law and oldest daughter! They are real life Super Heroes!

Meet my son and his wife, Mr. And Mrs. Angry Birds! If you want to have a fun time, hang out with them!

This is my only red headed child, isn't she beautiful??? She is capable of just about anything!

 And I can't forget the baby of the family! She is always clowning around!

I really do not know why they feel the need to disguise themselves with parent's like us!

 Now they even have the grand daughters masking their identity!  


  1. We love you guys--no matter what you look like! :) Those are great pics! Have a nice week!