Sunday, August 4, 2013

EEETZ a Voy!

That's what the Venezuelan doctor said to me as he delivered my son.

Happy Birthday, Josh!

A few memories from that day:

My husband made the mistake of telling me, "I know what you are feeling." in the middle of a drug free, natural labor. He never did that again!!!!

My son looked like Yoda when he was born. I cried for the child. Round, wrinkly head with scattered tufts of white fuzz spread around his baldness. Big pointy ears that stood out from his huge head. Poor baby. Thankfully, his looks improved within a few days.

In the delivery room, the nurse asked me for his diapers and clothes! I tried to explain that in my country the hospital provided all of these. They finally wrapped the child up in a doctor's gown and begged a diaper off of another mother. I was so embarrassed for my deprived child! Not only was he ... less than beautiful, he had a moron for a mother!

I was so hungry and the cafeteria was closed. My husband went out in the early morning and bought two arepas. The first I ever ate. After I wolfed them down, I realized he had intended to eat one himself.

When the cafeteria finally did open, they brought me a breakfast tray. I lifted the cover from the dish and to my surprise, everything was white! White arepa, a pile of white, dry, grated cheese, white milk, and white atol. Atol was, in my opinion at the time, glue. White pasty glue. I convinced the doctor to allow me to leave and go home to eat colorful food. I left for home less than 12 hours after delivery.

My son was the calmest, most content baby I ever had. He has always been a blessing and makes me proud!

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  1. Happy Birthday to your son--and what a good story! Ramon said he doesn't like atol either--maybe that's why I've never tasted it! Well, your little "voy" (CUTE) has grown into a wonderful man who loves the Lord, and your daughters have grown into wonderful young ladies who love the Lord too. What a blessing (and a great testimony to Christian parenting by you and Clint!) :)