Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Wednesday's window

 Here is a picture a friend of mine took of the inside of a local bus.

 I thought you might want to see what it is like to use public transportation here in Paraguay.


  1. Looks like they could have a more efficient seating arrangement if they got rid of the overhead bins and went more towards an outward faced seating - NY subway train model...

  2. Yep, ha ha... been there, done that. There were times when buses wouldn't even stop at a stop except if they had to let people off, and then we'd get on the back door, because we couldn't get on the front, and eventually, when the bus emptied out a bit, (as we got further away from Asuncion and closer to Luque) we'd work our way up to the front and hand the driver our fare then... :)

  3. I take it you never took the New York Subway or Pace in Chicago.