Friday, November 2, 2012


Imagine my surprise to discover this morning was FRIDAY when I spent all day yesterday thinking it was Friday. I lost Thursday somewhere in the middle of the hustle and bustle of  travel and guests arriving.

Thus the Facebook Friday post on Thursday. May as well do a Thursday post today!

Yes, Thursday Therapy. One of the things I most dislike about the medication which is doing such a great job at  managing my pain is that it tends to make me feel a little befuddled at times. Not the same as a high one would feel from a narcotic pain medication but just sort of  'cotton headed'. I feel like my brain is a little slow and words seem to slip my mind more often. Speaking in two or more languages everyday is confusing enough but then to not be able to get a word out that is on the tip of your tongue is frustrating. The medication is Lyrica and I am on the lowest dose. I need it to be able to function and do the therapy and exercise but this side effect is annoying me.

I don't like it !!!


  1. Rita, I have much the same feelings but the only numbing agent I have taken is aging. Hope you get better.


  2. Thanks! Redneck Preacher! I appreciate your prayers and hope to get to the point where I can eliminate this medication. I still prefer it over taking narcotics for the pain. it works mostly on nerve pain, the sciatica, and with it I am able to exercise and lose weight which lowers my pain threshold greatly!