Sunday, January 20, 2013

For your consideration

Dear Friends and Family in Christ,

It has been six months since I graduated from Bible College.  I have been in Paraguay since then, working and serving with my family as we try to start a new church in Ciudad del Este.
           My ministry goals are to one day work with troubled teen mothers and street kids here on the mission field of a third world country.  That ministry will involve a few more years of study to prepare, but it will be at least another year before I will be able to further pursue my studies due to paperwork.
God has, however, presented me with an opportunity to serve and also gain on hand experience that will help in my future ministry.  I have been offered and internship teaching English in a small Christian school attached to a home for high risk and troubled children here in Paraguay.  This Christian school not only serves the children that live in the home, but also low income families in the community.
           I will need to relocate to the other side of the country to a town called Itagua. The home will provide my housing on site in their compound.  More than just teaching English this ministry will allow me to be living and interacting with these children each and every day.
          I will, however, need to raise funds for my living expenses.  I know that times are difficult for many and money is tight, but my expenses will not be too high.  The fact that I am already in Paraguay means that I don’t need to buy a plane ticket!
          I don’t have much time to raise these funds since the Paraguayan school years starts the end of January.  If I can raise $400 a month I will be able to intern there and prepare for future ministry while serving these needy children.  I have already gotten to know some of these children while spending a few days at the home.
          If 20 churches or individuals would support me for $20 per month or 10 supporters at $40 each month for the year of 2013 I would have the funds necessary for this ministry opportunity, or if you would rather send a onetime gift that would also be greatly appreciated.  All funds can be sent care of BIMI to Missionary Clint Vernoy with a note that it is for ”Jewel’s little jewels” ministry.

How to donate/

          I will also be starting a blog so that those who partner with this ministry through funds or prayers can follow along as God works not only in my life, but also in the lives of these high risk children.  If you would like to see a few of the children at the home and hear some testimonies you can go to the following sites made by the Christians who run the home.

Thank you for your prayers and consideration.

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