Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Map of Memories

My husband posted the following  a while ago and this year I surprised him by having his map framed for his office.

(A note from Yekwanaman)

I just unpacked a hand drawn survey map of the Caura/Erebato river basin in Venezuela, made sometime after MAF first entered Venezuela back in the late 1950´s. It shows the rivers, rapids and different villages, (Chajuraña is on there). Those pilots flew many hours just to record what was down below. Perhaps they were the first to do it. I will be framing it and putting on my office wall here in Paraguay as a connection to the life I will never forget.

It was given to me by a missionary in Venezuela who at one time was with the Orinoco River Mission. He and his wife lived on a house boat with their 6 children  as they traveled to preach in different villages along the Orinoco. They, and others, wanted to go deeper into the jungle, but they needed help. That was when MAF came into the picture.

Another  missionary family with ORM was in the village of Chajuraña traveling in and out by canoe. They loved the MAF plane and the pilots. They helped us with advice and counsel on our way there 20+ years later .

I see places on the map in the jungle where I slept, where the men went hunting, and rapids where some of my friends died.

To touch the map is like touching almost 60 years of missions history, most of it will be forgotten in a few decades and the world will never know of the pilots, missionaries and tribal people who lived in that region. But the people who have lived and worked there, who know Jesus Christ as their Savior, will one day be reunited as family. We will eat Washadi ,(Tapir), Cawaadi (Deer), casabe (manioc bread) and waddue (hot peppers sauce) and drink as much manñoco and Yucuta as we possibly can.

And we will laugh like Ye'kwanas. because it is so much fun.

Yep, I am gonna frame that map and hang it to remember.


  1. What a beautiful way to remember!

  2. I am pretty sure that I know the two MAF pilots who did that first survey in Venezuela. I read the transcript of their work several years ago. Who was the ORM family with the 6 kids? It wasn't Barley Harley was it?? I overlapped with him during the 80s when we lived in Amazonas. I have great memories of several landings at the original CHA airstrip. Truly and engineering wonder!

  3. This brought tears to my eyes as I read Clint's words. The connection! Maybe Clint can write about those he mentioned so other generations can remember. This was a precious gift for him Rita.

  4. Such a beautiful and touching story. It's the greatest gift.
    I am now following you. Here's to a happy New year.

  5. To Kevin Swanson: Barkley Harley was involved in the ORM work and the boat ministry. We,however, received the map from Glenn Irwin another ORM missionary you have probably heard of who worked on the boat and later in Barquisimeto with TEAM mission . From Clint Vernoy